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Postmasters specialises in video post production for the South African broadcast industry. We are situated in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Postmasters consists of the following key personnel:

Johan Scheepers multiple SASC Visible Spectrum and Kodak Gold Award winner, Johan Scheepers has been successful in the film/broadcast industry for more than 30 years. He has acted as DOP on several feature films and TV dramas. He is a board member of the South African Society of Cinematographers (SASC).

Francois Stark is a B.Eng. electronic engineer, with a solid technical background in the audio/visual and computer fields. He is responsible for the technical support and sourcing of new equipment best suited to the post-production environment in South Africa. Francois has support-level knowledge of all the software and hardware used at Postmasters. He keeps current by doing on-line editing two to three days per week.

Eugene Meyer is our in-house Audio Engineer. Eugene has 10 years specialist experience in audio post-production using Pro Tools. He has worked as a foley recording engineer on feature films, and has artfully completed thousands of television productions’ audio – from voice recording, ambient tracks, music and special effects to final mix and delivery in various formats. Eugene also develops post production productivity software, for example software to automatically create specific or customised music cue sheets from complete Pro Tools projects, music search and conversion engines and even software that places voice dubbings according to subtitles in XML files.

Andri Jooste has a degree in Fine Arts and has been running GFX, our in-house graphics department for six years. Andri has a diverse range of projects under his belt, and under his leadership GFX has grown 30% per year for the last four years.

Freelance editors:
We have several excellent video editors available – each one with a unique blend of technical and creative skills, each with a propensity to edit a certain kind of work. On larger jobs, we run multiple edit suites at the same time, using the strengths of each editor to complete the project.

We have a collection of broadcast post-production equipment and expertise to satisfy any producer's needs: HD or SD Final Cut Pro edit suites, Pro-tools sound design and voice/foley recording, animation, design and compositing suites.
All of the above suites are networked and our FCP edit suites and 21TB fibre channel shared storage system enhances the process, enabling efficient management of large projects.

We have GFX, our own in-house graphics section, supporting Postmasters’ Edit and Audio clients as well as providing independant services to clients, including:
Visual effects
Web Design and Integration
DVD creation and duplication.

Most important of all: we tackle all our projects as a team. We view each project as a challenge, and deliver the best we can to our clients. We also believe in constantly improving efficiency. We pride ourselves in refining repetative processes with our clients to find the most efficient solutions.

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